XIIth International
NATO Workshop on Political Military Decision Making
Kempinski Taschenbergpalais Dresden, Germany 18-22 June, 1995
His Excellency Nikolai Afanassievsky
Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation
His Excellency Linas Linkevicius 
Minister of Defense of Lithuania
Major General Claus Ahnfeldt-Mollerup
SACEUR Representative to NATO Military Committee
Mr. Gordon Lynch, Vice President
Boeing International Corporation
Mr. Jim Allen
Georgia Tech Research Institute
General Jørgen Lyng
Chief of Defense of Denmark
Ambassador John R. Anderson
Canadian Permanent Repres. on North Atlantic Council
General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie KCB OBE
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Ambassador Ivan Baba
Hungarian Atlantic Council
General Karl Majcen
Chief of Defense of Austria
Ambassador Goeran Berg
Swedish Ambassador to NACC
Mr. Salvatore Manno 
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I)
His Excellency Kurt Biedenkopf
Minister-President of the Free State of Saxony
Dr. J. David Martin, Deputy for Strategic Relations 
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
His Excellency Valdis Birkavs
Foreign Minister of Latvia
Mr. David J. Mathews, III
Vice President Govern. & International, E-Systems, Inc.
Ambassador Jaako Blomberg
Finnish Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs
Amb. Robert Mayor, Head of Political Division III
Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Derek Boothby, Director of European Division
United Nations Department of Political Affairs
Mr. Mike McMillan 
Vice President International Operations, E-Systems, Inc.
Mr. Thomas M. Brennan, Vice President
Boeing Defense and Space Group
State Secretary J. C. Gmelich Meijling
Netherlands Ministry of Defense
Brigadier Harry Brown
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
His Excellency Teodor Melescanu
Minister of State, Foreign Minister of Romania
Professor Dr. Laurent F. Carrel
Swiss Ministry of Defense
Ambassador Olli Mennander
Finnish Ambassador to NACC
Ambassador Dalius Cekuolis
Lithuanian Ambassador to NACC
General Jack N. Merritt (Ret.)
President, Association of the United States Army
Lieutenant General Paul Cerjan
Former President, National Defense University
Mr. Rich Milburn
U.S. Chairman of NATO Industrial Advisory Group
Air Marshal John Cheshire
U.K. Military Repres. to NATO Military Committee
His Excellency Dr. Jerzy Milewski
Principal Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland 
Secretary General Willy Claes
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
General Klaus Naumann
Chief of Defense of Germany
Ambassador Léa Cohen
Bulgarian Ambassador to NACC
Brigadier General Robert Norman (Ret.) 
E-Systems Inc.
Mr. Allan E. Cook
Managing Director, Hughes Europe s.a.-n.v.
His Excellency Zbigniew Okonski
Minister of Defense of Poland
Ambassador Henry Cooper
Former Director, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
Lieutenant General Malcolm R. O'Neill 
Director of Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
Secretary General Peter Corterier
North Atlantic Assembly
His Excellency Andrus Öövel
Minister of Defense of Estonia
Dr. Patrick Crecine
Former President of Georgia Institute of Technology
Lieutenant General Hilmi Özkök
Turkish Military Repres. to NATO Military Committee
Lieutenant General D. Danielsen
Norwegian Military Repr. to NATO Military Committee
Vice Admiral John T. Parker (Ret.) 
Former Director of Defense Nuclear Agency
Lieutenant General Manfred Eisele
United Nations Assistant Secretary General
Professor Dr. Ioan Mircea Pascu
State Secretary, Romanian Ministry of Defense
Air Chief Marshal Sir David Evans GCB CBE CBIM
British Aerospace Plc
Mr. Harry Pearce, Vice President
Northrop-Grumman International
Colonel Aldo Ferraguto
Alenia a Finmeccania S.p.A. Company
Major General Randall Peat (Ret.)
Defense Nuclear Agency Field Office
Major General Ole Fogh (Ret.)
TERMA Elektronik AS
Major General Jean-Paul Pelisson
Head of French Military Mission to NATO
Lieutenant General G. J. Folmer, Director
NATO International Military Staff
Minister Counselor Vernon D. Penner 
Special Adviser to SACEUR for International Affairs
Vice Admiral Robert George CMM CD
Canadian Military Repr. to NATO Military Committee
Dr. Wolfgang Piller, Chief Financial Officer
Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
Mr. William Gerard
NATO Headquarters
Deputy Minister of Defense Dr. Pospisil
Czech Republic 
Mr. V. Gontcharenko, Cabinet Director
Office of Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Chris Prebensen, Director of Information & Press
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Vice Admiral Michael T. Gretton
SACLANT Representative in Europe
Ambassador Dr. Hermann Freiherr von Richthofen
German Permanent Repres. on North Atlantic Council
Major General Kenneth L. Hagemann 
Director, Defense Nuclear Agency
His Excellency Volker Rühe
Minister of Defense of Germany
Mr. François Heisbourg, Senior Vice President
MATRA Defense Espace
General Crosbie Saint (Ret.)
Former Commander-in-Chief U.S. Army Europe
Ambassador Erich Hochleitner
Austrian Ambassador to NACC
Professor Michael Salomone 
Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Frank B. Horton III
Princ. Dep. Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I)
Lieutenant General H. W. M. Satter 
Netherlands Military Repr. to NATO Military Comm.
Ambassador Robert Hunter
U.S. Permanent Repres. on North Atlantic Council
His Excellency Professor Juraj Schenk
Foreign Minister of the Slovak Republic
Lieutenant General Christian Hvidt 
Danish Military Repr. to NATO Military Committee
State Secretary Jörg Schönbohm
German Ministry of Defense
Ambasssador Thorsteinn Ingolfsson
Icelandic Permanent Repr. on the North Atlantic Council
Mr. Christian M. Shore, Staff Vice President
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
General James Jamerson
Commander-in-Chief U.S. Air Force Europe
Under-Secretary Stefano Silvestri
Ministry of Defense of Italy
Mr. William James, Corporate Vice President
Ambassador Andras Simonyi
Hungarian Ambassador to NACC
Lieutenant General Sven-Åke Jansson
Swedish Commander-in-Chief Southern Region
Admiral Leighton W. Smith
Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe
Mr. Börje Johanson, Senior Vice President Bofors Lieutenant General Jörn Söder
German Military Repr. to NATO Military Committee
Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns KCB CBE LVO
Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Northwest Europe
Ambassador Walter Stadtler
Former Vice President, National Defense University
General Sir Garry Johnson KCB OBE MC
Former Commander-in-Chief AFNORTH
Dr. Stuart Starr
MITRE Corporation
General George Joulwan
Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Stear KCB CBE
Deputy Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces NW Europe
Ambassador Juris Kanels
Latvian Ambassador to NACC
Mr. J. M. Stewart
U.K. Second Permanent Undersecretary of State
Dr. Donald S. Kendall, Vice President
Raytheon International
Ambassador Pal Tar
Hungarian Atlantic Council
Mr. Ihore Kharchenko, Dir. Policy Anal. & Planning
Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Todor Tchourov
Deputy Foreign Minister of Bulgaria
Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick
Former U. S. Ambassador to United Nations
His Excellency Hennadiy Udovenko
Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lieutenant General Matti Kopra
Chief of Defense Staff of Finland
His Excellency Tiit Vahi
Prime Minister of Estonia
His Excellency László Kovács
Foreign Minister of Hungary
Mr. Peter Varnish, Director of Science
United Kingdom Ministry of Defense
Dr. Joseph Kruzel, Dep. Assist. Secretary of Defense
European and NATO Policy, Office of Sec. of Defense
Vice Admiral A. Vennis 
Hellenic Military Repr. to NATO Military Committee
Ambassador Andrzej Krzeczunowicz 
Polish Ambassador to NACC
Mr. Sergio Vieira de Mello, Dir. Policy Plan. & Oper. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Dr. Emil Kuchár, Political Director
Foreign Ministry of the Slovak Republic
Field Marshal Sir Richard Vincent GBE KCB DSO
Chairman of the NATO Military Committee
Ambassador Artur Kuko
Albanian Ambassador to NACC
First Vice Minister Alexander Vondra 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Ambassador Clyde Kull
Estonian Ambassador to NACC
Dr. Herbert Wagner
Lord Mayor of Dresden
Mr. Louis H. Kurkjian
Chairman, Hughes Europe s.a.-n.v.
Dr. Roger Weissinger-Baylon, Director 
Center for Strategic Decision Research
Ambassador Uladzimer A. Labounov
Belarus Ambassador to NACC
Lieutenant General Klaus Wiesmann
German Military Repres. to NATO Military Committee
Colonel Karl-Heinz Lather, Assistant Chief of Staff
German Ministry of Defense Politico-Military Affairs Div.
Mr. Artis Bertulis (Latvia)
Mr. Andrzej Karkoszka (Poland)
Mr. Jerzy Koziej (Poland)
Mr. Jaromir Novotny (Czech Republic)
Colonel Roger Rains (SHAPE)
Drs. Joop Veen (Netherlands)
Workshop Staff 
Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Moseley (U.S.)
Lieutenant Colonel Gerhard Leymann (Germany)
Lieutenant Colonel Heinz-Jochim Neumann (Germany)
Lieutenant Colonel Schroth (Germany)
William Daitch (DNA)
Major Thomas Petzold (SHAPE)
Sergeant Major Hans Dirks (SHAPE)
Sergeant First Class Dana Davis (SHAPE)
Technical Sergeant Floyd (SHAPE)
Tamara Mitchem (Dept. of Defense-C3I)
Jeff Malcom (SACEUR Rep.)
Michele Soukin (Boeing)
Manon Van der Horden (Canada)
Ania Garlitski (NATO Workshop)
Anne Baylon, LLB., M.A. (NATO Workshop)


Supporting Staff 
Colonel Wolf-Dieter Skodowski (CHOD Germany)
Colonel Jan von Recum (German MOD-Protokoll)
Colonel David Svetz (BMDO)
Lieutenant Colonel Ernst-Otto Berk (German MOD)
Lieutenant Colonel Rick Froh (Military Committee)
Lieutenant Colonel Simon Mayall (DSACEUR)
Lieutenant Colonel Maarten Slingenberg (Netherlands)
Lieutenant Commander Peter Webb (DNA)

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