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Paris '07 Workshop

24th International Workshop on Global Security - Paris, June 2007
Opening Presentations and Special Events
CSDR photos by Mika Shiozawa

Opening Dinner Debate
General George Joulwan,
former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

Opening Address
General Henri Bentegeat
Chairman of the EU Military Committee

Gen George Joulwan    Gen Henri Bentegeat
General George Jouwan, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, opens the dinner debate with the Eiffel Tower in the background.   General Henri Bentegeat (left), Chair of the EU Military Committee, presents the opening address, with Workshop Chair Dr. Roger Weissinger-Baylon.
Global Security: 
Operational Commanders' Views
Global Security:
Views from North Africa and Pakistan
Gen Schuwirth and Gen Ramms   Panal on Political Views on Security
General Rainer Schuwirth (left), SHAPE Chief of Staff, with General Egon Ramms, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command, Brunssum.   Morocco's Ambassador Menouar Alem, Egyptian Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Algerian Ambassador Youcef Yousfi, and Parkistan's Ambassador Munir Akram (left to right).
Security and Climate Change:
UK Special Representative
Mr. John Ashton
Keynote Address
General Jean-Louis Georgelin
Delivered by Gen. Christian-Charles Falzone
John Ashton   Gen Christian-Charles Falzone
United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Special Representative for Climate Change John Ashton.   Lieutenant General Christian-Charles Falzone presents the key
address on behalf of General Jean-Louis Georgelin, French
Chief of General Staff.
Hotel National des Invalides
Jean de Ponton d'Amecourt   Hotel National des Invalides    Napoleon's Tomb

Above.  Dinner in the Grand Salon of the Hotel National des Invalides at the invitation of the French Defense Minister, Herve Morin.
Below.  Reception in the courtyard of the Hotel National des Invalides with music by the French Republican Guard.

Above. Mr. Jean de Ponton d'Amecourt, Director for Strategic Affairs in the French Defense Ministry, welcomes workshop participants to the Hotel National des Invalides.   Hotel National des Invalides   Above. Napoleon's Tomb in the Hotel National des Invalides, which was built by King Louis XIV in the XVIIth century.















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