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Pakistan's Views on Terrorism: Introductory Remarks

Dr. Bernadino Gomes
President, Portuguese Atlantic Commission

It is my privilege to introduce Dr. Asif Ezdi, the ambassador of Pakistan to Germany. Dr. Ezdi began his long and very distinguished career in the foreign service in 1969. Before he became the ambassador to Germany he was the ambassador of Pakistan to Denmark and, prior to that, the assistant secretary in Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Ezdi holds a law degree from Punjab University. 

Pakistan has been a key actor in the fight against terrorism and in the Afghan war. In a time when the region has been unstable and the situation complex, and when there have been no easy answers, Pakistan has made courageous and risky decisions. I know that we are all looking forward with great interest to hearing Dr. Ezdi's positions on the security environment and his analysis of the situation in both Pakistan and the region. We very much appreciate his willingness to speak with us at this workshop. 













































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