Rome '08 Workshop

Facing the Threats: The Need for International Cooperation 

Ambassador Youcef Yousfi

Algerian Ambassador to the United Nations 

Ambassador Youcef Yousfi

At the end of our exercise, it may be a little difficult to summarize in a few words the very rich debate and the comprehensive interventions that we made during this workshop. But despite the differences in our views on how to address the threats to global security, we agreed on the need for common and coordinated strategies. We have also gone a long way toward reaching a definition of the threats that face us. These efforts should be pursued not only at this very interesting forum, but also and especially at fora within large organizations such as the United Nations. To face the so-called regional threats that we talked about during this workshop, in the Middle East, in the Mediterranean region, in Africa, and even in Asia, the international community must provide a collective, cohesive, and coordinated response. 

I have noted the interest in having a stable, secure Mediterranean region and for having the area contribute to international peace and security. It is necessary to address this issue within a comprehensive framework, taking into account the political security, economic and human interests, and concerns of countries on both shores. I have also noted the common interest in having indivisible security in the Mediterranean area and in efforts aimed at Mediterranean peace, stability, and cooperation. 

Regarding the issue of nonproliferation and weapons of mass destruction, it is clear that proliferation is a threat to international peace and security. But the position of weapons of mass destruction is really a permanent threat to countries and to the existence of mankind. The strengthening of nuclear nonproliferation regimes is necessary when it is coupled with significant progress in nuclear disarmament. In this regard, we would like to point out our strong concern regarding resorting to unilateralism. Multilateralism and mutually agreed upon solutions in accordance with the U.N. Charter provide the only sustainable method for addressing disarmament and international security issues. The global community needs to come together and work hard to realize a world in which coming generations can live without fear of nuclear armaments. 

Regarding the use of the Internet and IT by terrorist groups, our country is facing real problems with groups linked to Al Qaeda. They are using Web sites for recruitment, propaganda, and conducting attacks. International cooperation is also needed to face this issue and we need to think how we can develop such cooperation. 

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